Services and Amenities

Free WiFi
Large, Well-Lit Parking Lot
Bright, Clean & Comfortable
Commercial Accounts
Big-Load Washers
Hottest Dryers
Modern Seating Units
Brand Name Selection of Laundry Supplies
Soda Machine
Air Conditioned & Heating
Family-Sized Washers
Ease of Use Washers & Dryers






Our Washers and Dryers

Number of Washers 36
Number of Dryers 30
Largest Washer Size 60 lb (six loads)
Smallest Washer Size 20 lb

This store is coin operated, clean and bright.

Thank you for Supporting the American Economy

We offer only Dexter branded washers and dryers, which are designed and manufactured in the USA.  100% designed and manufactured in the USA means the highest quality products to wash and dry your clothes in.  It also means you are supporting American jobs.  Thank you for supporting the American economy.

Made in the USA